4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

October 27, 2009

Jim Cohen contributed another old photo with some people you may recognize because they eventually went to THS. This photo of the 3rd grade class was taken at Sam Hughes Elementary school. That would have been the school year of 1950 - 1951 (I think). Also thanks to Linda South Lenoir for helping to identify some of the people in this photo.

Third rowPatty DunlapJudy MartinTed or Fred GladdenDonald LimJim CohenAlan ?Randy DownerCathy ?Naomi SilverDorothy HyblDean Zimmerman
Second rowBobby ?Jeanne WheelinChuck Lavetter??Virginia KerrNick PaulosDavid HernAlan KramerChristine Nesby 
First rowLinda SouthJohnny WhartonSam VentresJulianne Hespen?Catherine StreetsGary RollBetty ?Bernard ?  


August 26, 2009

Received an e-mail today from Bob Walker, THS1961, enclosing an old photo from Sam Hughes Elementary School. It was his 6th grade class photo (a year after our group). I thought I would post it here because you may recognize some people who later attended THS.

Row 2Reginal BrownBob RogersGuy CurrierRoyana LebrechtBob WalkerBob KuehlCassie WilliamsMary Lynn GoebelMarie JenksMelinda MooreAdrienne WagnerBeverly Ann MahoneyJim PattersonMike Sorey
Row 1Warren TalbotLinda FerrellDiane VaughnDell AdamsonEllen BernsteinRosamond SchmidtJohn FerrellHenry LockettMargrete MayDavid FranklinNancy ThomasMaxwell Shenkarow  

Thank you so much Bob.

April 6, 2009

John Lyons found 2 photos from his days at Sam Hughes Elementary School. The first is a group of 4th and 5th graders together. The class was taught by Ms. Lewis he thinks. In the back row you can see #4 Nick Paulos, #5 John Lyons, #6 Jim Cohen. In the middle row, #3 one of the Gladden twins (not sure which one). Behind the photo you can see the folding doors. In those days, there were no air conditioners for the class rooms, not even evaporative coolers. On warm days those doors were folded back to open up the whole side of the room. On the opposite side, all of the windows were opened and there was some cross ventilation. This was especially nice in the Spring when the orange trees in the center courtyard were blooming. Today those sliding doors are gone, filled in and the rooms are air conditioned.


The second picture is of John's 1st grade class taught by Ms. Urquides (who became principal of Pueblo High School).  This will be a tough one.  Nick and the Gladden twins are recognizable.  John is in the top row, third from the left.  Also in the picture is Elbert Gump, the principal. Peggy Abbott says she is in the back row, 6th from the left.


These IDs sent in by Jim Cohen:

Top Row: Nick Paulos ? John Lyons ? ? Peggy Abbott, Anne Steinburg ? Jeanne Wheelin, Donald Lim

2nd Row: ? David Hearn, Jim Cohen, Paul Ostroy, ? ? ? Kim Bunting ? ? Gary Roll ? ? ?

3rd Row: ? Gladden Twins ? Mike Posner ?



(house across the street from the school, it has an interesting entrance)