Bob Temple picked out Robert (Woo Woo) Williams, Millard and Everett Taylor, Lloyd Douglas, Linda Navarro, Nancy Turner, Charlie Schmit, Frances Tegarden, Shannon Moore, Wally Tang, Danny Barthels, GIlbert Lopez, Marcia McDonough, Betty Ousley, Jim Miller, Bill Ahrens, Nancy Turner, Carlos Carillo, Joyce Johnson, Linda Reed, Glen Briscoe, Paul Strasburg, Joyce Verran and yours truly.  The adult without the tie is Mr. Diebold, the shop teacher.  Mr. Ott is the guy with bow tie (the principal) and the taller man in the four in hand tie is Mr. Clifton, the asst. Principal.  He couldn't find several other classmates like Steven Joe Lew and Jim Douglas, but they may have been there. Lucille Estrella identified the person in the first row, second from the left is Irene Fimbres. Also fifth row far right is Donna Musselman and just to Donn's left is Estrella Estrella. Steven Joe Lew says "I and in the middle of the pic 2 row down from Dickey Romero".