8th Grade Football Team

Sparkler Yearbook

Photos 54-55

Photos 55-56

The 1954-1955 yearbook was preserved diligently through the years by a member of our class who said she doesn't want her photo posted and who doesn't want her name mentioned. Respecting her wishes, we won't identify her.

Many thanks to Mike Hanlon for safeguarding the 1955-1956 yearbook through the years.


We were the Mansfeld Bulldogs (although that bulldog picture looks like a dejected Porky Pig). Mansfeld published an annual at the end of each year called "The Sparkler".

The copy was typed on a manual typewriter. There were no spell checkers in those days, just people to proof read before reproducing on the mimeograph machine. There are photos of the students and the 1955-56 page has a photo of the faculty too.

We have identified some of the photos but not all of them. If you can help, send the names that go with the photos to Webmaster.