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May 19, 2015

Friday Evening

Saturday Evening

Sunday Brunch

May 10, 2015

Portraits from the 55th reunion. Thanks to all those who took photos and sent them in so that we could make these photos. Photographers included: Caroline Edmonds, Charlotte Quihuis, Evey Fink, Gary Garrett, Gary Freeman, Gloria Guerra, Linda Navarro, Pat Minteer, Patricia Delfs, Steve and Sharon Lew, Steve Pinnell, Steve Shaner, and Paul Deutsch. Once we receive all the photos that others are sending to us we will finalize and print and mail each person their photo.

Meanwhile, you are free to download any of these photos that you might wish to have. These photos are thumbnails. If you want to see the photo in a larger size, double-click on the photo. Give it time to download the larger photo into your computer. You can then right-click on the photo and select "save as" and save the photo to your computer. When you are ready to return to this page, click on the left arrow in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The Portraits Video

Bill Ahrens

Eddie Almada

Vicente Amparano

Evy Arm

Marilyn Ash

Ray Atkinson

Tom Baron

Ron Batiste

Carolyn Biggam

Pauline Brady

John Brooks

Len Bruno

Dixie Bryan

Eldon Buckner

Esther Bustamante

Shannon Carr

Alex Carrillo

Doug Cervantes

Jane Chambers

Judy Childress

John Clark

Gilbert Cota-Robles

Dennis Couse

Carol Davies

Patricia Delfs

Diane Dennis

Paul Deutsch

Jim Douglas

Patti Dunlap

Sandy Eckburg

Caroline Edmonds

Butch Farabee

Dick Frans

Gary Freeman

Fred Frohlich

Gary Garrett

Bob Gauna

Bob Gee

George Goebel

Gloria Guerra

Annette Halpern

Mike Hanlon

David Hearn

Dale Helsper

Norma Higuera

Frances Jaramillo

Susie Kaufmann

Ken Kemp

Sharon Larson

Chuck LaVetter

Sammy Lee

George Leon

Malcolm Levin

Stephen Lew

Jan Mackenzie

Barbara Majuta

Neal Manning

Judy Martin

Bramble McFee

Maureen McKeever

Pat Minteer

Alberto Moore

Charlene Moore

Pat Moran

Helen Moreno

Gilbert "Hibbie" Munguia

Linda Navarro

Onofre Norton

Sandy Padias

Nick Paulos

Robbie Philipson

Steve Pinnell

Charlotte Quihuis

Cenobio Robles

Dick Romero

Bette Sacherson

Evelyn Sanchez

Charles Serventi

Steve Shaner

Roy Shenfield

Dave Suter

Jerry Swain

Fran Tegarden

Yvonne Tellez

Mike Tom

Jim Watring

Jean Weinzapfel

Donna Welch

Dottie Wielang

Dolores Willis

Danny Woon

Jack Yovanov

George and Carolyn Goebel

Bette Sacherson Allen and Jack

Dave Suter and Betsy

Dale Helsper and Kathleen

Pauline Brady Hurvitz and Stew

Carol Davies Brooks and John Brooks

Reva LaVetter Manning and Neal Manning

Shannon Carr and Dixie Bryan

Bob and Jackie Gauna

Bram and Maytrelle McFee

Carl and Charlene Moore Huckaby

Flo and David Hearn

Dick and Judy Frans

Doug and Melinda Cervantes

Eddie and Mary Almada

Mike and Evy Arm Chipman

Lynn Vance and Fred Frohlich

Christina and Gary Freeman

George Leon and Barbara Majuta

Cecilia and Gilbert Cota-Robles

Steve and Gloria Guerra Andruszkewicz

Phil and Helen Moreno Talamantes

Jack and Cathy Yovanov

Jerry and Lois Swain

Mike and Judy Childress Walsh

Benny and Linda Navarro Rincon

John and Marilyn Ash Tarrant

Tony and Norma Higuera Laguna

Dave and Onofre Norton Schnack

Ed and Pat Minteer Schaffer

Robert and Pat Moran Benton

Patricia Delfs and Paul Deutsch

Dickie and Patti Dunlap Cota-Robles

Richard and Dianne Romero

Roy and Beverly Shenfield

Stephen and Sharon Lew

Steve and Terry Pinnell

Vince and Dolly Amperano

Ken and Peggy Kemp