May 12, 2010

We hired a professional photographer to take pictures at the reunion and one of the things he produced was a video. It includes the individual interviews that some classmates were able to record. One of our classmates purchased a copy and last week he let me borrow it. I divided the movie into 4 reels and now everybody can see it.

Reel 1

Reel 2

Reel 3

Reel 4

The success of the 50th reunion was due in large part to the work of the three Co-chairpersons; Evey Fink Bendalin, Fran Tegarden Johnson, and Diane Dennis LaVetter.


Portraits taken by many of our classmates who brought their cameras



Our 50th reunion was held in Tucson on October 15, 16, and 17, 2010. Approximately 250 people attended.


(Photos and Videos from the reunion are further down this page)



The person who won the quilt raffle was Roy Shenfield. The quilt was created and donated to our class by Bill Bravo's wife, JoAnn. The raffle money obtained will be donated to The Badger Foundation where it will be used to assist current students who might have a need for some financial help. I understand that the amount was around $1,400, double what we were able to donate after the 45th reunion.


He sent this e-mail to all of us:

I just wanted to let you know I got to my new home safely. My new owners
(I'm going to call them Mom and Dad since they sort of adopted me) were very
careful and checked their luggage just so they could carry me on the plane
to make sure nothing happened to me.

We did get in very late though since both the flights were delayed as a
result of fog in San Francisco for most of the day, so I did not get to my
new home until about 1:30 AM.

I was the first to be unpacked, and I think I will be very happy here.  I
was a little concerned at first since I noticed two cats eying me as though
they wanted to lay on me, but Mom and Dad assured me that that was not going
to be allowed.

I did hear my Mom and Dad talking about how much fun they had at the
reunion, and how much Dad enjoyed reconnecting with his former classmates,
and how much my Mom liked meeting and talking with everyone. They also said
what a great job everyone did in planning the reunion and how they are
looking forward to the next one.

They also wanted to thank Bill's wife for making me in the first place, and
for making me so beautiful too. They also wanted to tell him what a great
job the band did!

Well, I've got to go for now since they are putting me away in a very safe
(cat free) spot until they figure out the best place for me. Mom is even
talking about repainting a room to make me feel more comfortable and fit in

I'll send some pictures soon.



P.S. Please share this with everyone from the reunion. Thanks.


Just before the reunion, I received this e-mail from our foreign exchange student from France, Michele Dumonteil:

Hello Paul,

I wish to tell you, and all the people who will attend the 50th, and which remember
me, that I am very disappointed not to be with you next week end !! I thought I could
make it but life decided other way !

I do hope to be able to go to the States in the near future.

In the meantime, I wish you a very good time; enjoy these moments which become rare
and rare!

If, by any chance, you do something for the 55th, (or 60th!) and if I am still
alive, I sware I'll go !!!



I also received this e-mail from Nelda Schrepel who lives in Kansas and is a university student studying for a masters degree.


Hello Paul,

Tomorrow is the start of the reunion for those attending.  I'm so happy for you
folks.  It will be wonderful to see friends of old.  I say hello to anyone that
remembers me.  I would love to be there, but the demands of being a student prevent my going.
I will be in Topeka, Ks this weekend.  I get to work a little on Sat.

I didn't have time to respond to the yearbook update that you folks published.
However, if anyone is interested, I have been active in advocacy for adult mental
health, and am on a couple of state committees for Kansas Health Solutions and for a
sub-committee for the elderly.  I am studying for a Masters of Arts in Liberal
Studies, and am about half way through.

If THS has a page on Facebook, possibly I can join in on Fri night or Sun afternoon.

My origional degree was a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education.  I have been a
substitute teacher for decades, both in Arizona and Kansas.  I worked as an interior
decorator and technical illustrator at Hawker Beech Aircraft.

Also, if you folks are selling an updated yearbook, I would love to buy one.  Please
let me know what, if anything, you might be selling.

I would love to email anyone that might remember my name.  Fifty years ago is a long
time ago.  I remember the musical Balladers and the plays we did.

It is with sadness that I see by the listing that Franklin Gee is not around
anymore, if I saw right.  I really admired him as a person.

Here's a kuddos to all the accomplishments of the members of our class at THS.  Hope
you all dance and talk yourselves till there's no dancing and talking left in you

The best, Ms Sam (Nelda) Schrepel


Photos and Videos from the reunion at the DoubleTree Hotel:

A big thank you to all those who took photos and contributed them here so that all of us can see them.

November 7, 2010

These photos were taken by Sharon Lew, (Steve Lew's wife). They are both thumbnails, so if you want to see the full picture of each of them, hold down the Shift key and double-click on the picture while holding the Shift key down.




Preparations: Thursday, October 14, 2010:



Informal Evening: Friday, October 15, 2010



Dinner and Dancing: Saturday, October 16, 2010



Getting Our Photo Taken: Saturday, October 16, 2010



At The Shanty: Sunday, October 17, 2010



Additional Video Clips